Developer Services

West Coast Property Management provides a full spectrum service to developers from the initial construction planning and disclosure statement budget preparation through the ongoing management of Strata Communities. Additionally, West Coast Property Management engages with both the owners and the developer through the warranty periods with emphasis on owner education and satisfaction. West Coast Property Management facilitates a collaborative approach with the developer and homeowners to ensure the long-term success of the community.

West Coast will customize a new project onboarding plan to ensure that your new Strata Community is setup for success, all initial contracts will be engaged for occupancy including any onsite staffing requirements. West Coast focuses on a local elevated customer service experience to engage home owners to promote a sense of community within the Strata.

Developing Strata Community

Existing Strata Communities:

West Coast Property Management provides full service management to existing Strata Communities. In addition to fulfilling all regulatory and administrative requirements for the Strata Community under the Strata Property Act, West Coast Property Management provides an elevated customer service experience through their dedicated team approach, with a single point of contact for all your community needs. West Coast Property Management has developed a robust transition process to ensure the smooth transition of the property, this includes an in-depth community review to identify any efficiencies that can be achieved as well as focusing on any outstanding projects for completion.

West Coast services a variety of Community structures such as townhouse, apartment, and high rise with varying degrees of complexity including Sections, Types and Air Space Parcels. West Coast works with your Strata Council in a collaborative effort to effectively manage your community with an emphasis on communication and the long term success of your community.  We understand that all communities are truly unique and implement a customized management solution to engage all owners for the betterment of your Strata Communities.